Universal Samaritan


A democratic, sustainable support system for charities and not-for-profits that contributes to the causes you choose, funded by the purchases you already make.

About UniSam:

Everyone wants to see the world move forward. All of us have had conversations about ending some of the world’s biggest problems, or the next generation of technology that will forever alter the globe. The issue with solving these problems and creating these kinds of revolutionary inventions has always been funding. That’s why Universal Samaritan is dedicated to creating the largest pool of wealth dedicated to focusing on these tasks. By creating an investment fund every dollar we raise is grown over time and creates a long-term solution to the funding hurdles faced by those trying to make long lasting positive changes.

Anyone who contributes has a say in how the revenue from our fund is spent. We will seek out the best people doing work in the most important areas and make it easy for you to support the people dedicating their lives to working on what matters to you. There are people out there doing great things; our job is to make sure they can dedicate all of their time to that and less to finding the resources necessary for them to do their work. No matter what your interest, be it ending poverty, improving education, preserving the environment, protecting human rights, or the advancement of technology, Universal Samaritan will be trying to send as much money as possible in the most effective way to make a difference that matters to you. Join us in our goal to make the world a better place by helping great people accomplish great things.

What We Are:

Universal Samaritan is a non-profit endowment fund driven by our desire to help solve some of the biggest problems facing our planet today while simultaneously helping innovators create the technology of tomorrow. We raise money in order to invest it and help it grow while it generates revenue that we can distribute to the most effective charities and non-profit organizations working on solving problems that matter most to our users. We offer a platform that makes it easy for our contributors to find organizations doing great work or to learn about important causes they may know less about. We aim to help those who are most effective in their particular fields by doing some of the fundraising for them, allowing them to spend more of their time on what they do best.

What We Do:

Universal Samaritan is an organization that will serve as a catalyst for change on a global scale. Money given to us is invested in order to create a large pool of worth to fund change forever. We invest the funds safely, using Summerhill Capital Management as our asset managers, and distribute the proceeds generated through investments in bonds, derivative stocks or other similar investment vehicles. We are not a charity ourselves; instead we are a fundraising arm for the most effective and efficient charities around the world. Our users create a community of like-minded individuals focused on improving some of the biggest problems we face today and innovating the next wave of technology; we are proud to be a hub for people who share this mindset.

Why We Do It:

Humans are good at identifying problems ahead of time, but we aren’t quite as good at reacting to them so timely. We were getting frustrated with constantly having the same conversations with little being done to solve the problems we would so often discuss. Since it was obvious more people needed to begin addressing them, we felt responsible to do some of the work ourselves. We know there are people who have dedicated their entire existence to solving giant problems or helping others and we want to make it easier for those people to do what they have dedicated their lives to. By generating a large enough pool of wealth we can use the funds to generate tremendous amounts of good for the causes our users find most important. As a result we hope to be able to make some significant long lasting impacts by directing enormous cash flows to concentrated issues each and every year.